Halfway Crooks Entertainment is a full service video production team focused on story-driven entertainment, advertising and docu-style projects. Based in Los Angeles but ready to travel, we enjoy handling projects from story boards and scripts, to producing and pressing play. We also deliver our services, people, and equipment ‘a la carte.’




We've been there -- lonely nights, a glass of scotch, staring at the blinking cursor. Let us take those excruciating hours off your plate. Our writing team is excited to bring your concept to the page. With professional experience across the creative spectrum we can assist with advertising pitches, music video concepts, television series and feature films. We'll take the Scotch also.. Neat.


A producer is the first person to arrive on set and the the last to leave. It is a difficult job but we are up to the task. Halfway Crooks Entertainment is a one-stop shop for your creative endeavors, providing production services, equipment, and crucial experience in all forms of media.


We are dedicated to providing high-quality content to our clients regardless of budget. Our directing team will help bring the best version of your concept to life. Whether it's a branded digital/broadcast campaign, social content, scripted series, or feature film, our unique perspective brings authenticity and grit to every project.


Everbody hates editing. In fact, editors and writers are probably the most under-appreciated creatives in the business. Our dedicated staff of editors however are not. They are in fact, celebrated. And they really love Scotch. Bring your footage to us and we'll do our best to showcase your true vision. We would prefer that you hire our production team from start to finish to ensure the concept is cared for correctly throughout the entire production and post production process.


If you’d like to hire us, see more examples of our work, inquire about our equipment and rates, or just shout out and say hello, please fill out the contact form or email us at halfwaycrooksent (at) gmail (dot) com, and we will get in touch as soon as we can. Thanks!